In 1973, the Kelly Butte Bunker was Transformed into the Emergency Communications Center

In October 1973, Myers and Kroker, an architectural firm was commissioned to design a city/county communications center at Kelly Butte.  The Cloyd R. Watt Construction Company was awarded the construction contract and began work in June of 1974.

Financial assistance was was provided by grants from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration , Defense Preparedness Agency and Oregon Law Enforcement Council.  The remaining cost was shared by the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

System planning began in 1972 with requirements and conceptual design.  This effort was assisted by City-County Steering Committee representing law enforcement, fire, engineering and other local government agencies.

A new radio system was added in 1974 and dispatch function moved into temporary headquarters at Kelly Butte.  The cost was over $3.5 million dollars.

Work on computer-assisted dispatch began in 1975 and was fully operational by 1977.

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1973 Remodel/Conversion to BOEC

1973 Remodel/Conversion to BOEC
Scaffolding in place to give the underground operations center a "facelift" in '73

The following pictures represent the last days of the underground structure.

You will notice that someone started a fire inside the bunker. Also you will see extensive water damage (from the fire sprinkler system) and the ceiling tiles have fallen from the roof. People ask me all the time, "why did they seal up the bunker"? I think the pictures below answer this question.

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