Bunker Entrance 1957

Emergency Communications Center in 1975

30 years later, approximately 2005,  access, vandalism and looting are raging out of control.  The transients now occupy the bunker.  Make shift camps are set up inside the belly of the bunker.  The transient force quickly takes all copper wire, aluminum, electronics, food, clothing and other historical items from the bunker.  They impoverish the inside and seal the fate of the structure.

 In 2006, the radio transmission tower was taken down.

Bunker Entrance 2008

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1973 Remodel/Conversion to BOEC

1973 Remodel/Conversion to BOEC
Scaffolding in place to give the underground operations center a "facelift" in '73

The following pictures represent the last days of the underground structure.

You will notice that someone started a fire inside the bunker. Also you will see extensive water damage (from the fire sprinkler system) and the ceiling tiles have fallen from the roof. People ask me all the time, "why did they seal up the bunker"? I think the pictures below answer this question.

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